GLADIATOR SPORTS, INC. is a Harlem-based non-profit organization that provides basketball and educational programs for boys and girls aged 6 to 18. We believe in putting education first - our children must perform in the classroom before they can perform on the court.

In 2002, we opened the doors for children to play sports and further their education. Here it is all these years later and we are serving our community even stronger. It is truly a blessing to teach our inner city youth about life and sportsmanship!
- Jude Baptise, Co-Founder

Looking at the Gladiator Sports website today as opposed to 2002 is like the difference between night and day. So many tournaments, so many dance and cheer competitions, and so many championships. Looking back, I see so many of the players I coached have graduated college and I feel proud to be part of that. Watching Gladiator Sports grow every year is unbelievable.

To the dedicated people (coaches, parents, other program directors and friends) who stuck by us for all these years and never received any monetary gain, you guys are my Rock; I could never do this without you. To the Salvation Army for opening up their doors and their hearts when many either could not or would, we are truly thankful. To NY Cares, for if it were not for them our educational component as well as our score table for our summer tournament would not happen. And finally to our children, you are the reason why as much as sometimes I would to stay in bed, the greater good is you. I may work at NYU, but my Life is Gladiator Sports. I bleed Gladiator Sports. My players make this the best sports program in the world. Can't wait for what the future brings!

We don't Work
We don't get Paid!!

- Tony Afflick, Co-Founder